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We’re headed to Couchbase Connect!

Next week, we’re joining our trusted partner Couchbase at their annual conference in San Francisco – Couchbase Connect – focused on next-generation NoSQL for the enterprise.

Our own Joe Lichtenberg will be one of the speakers, alongside executives from LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon and eBay, to discuss how to use NoSQL technology from Couchbase to drive innovative solutions. His session, at 4:20 p.m. on Oct. 7, will focus on how leveraging Couchbase Server with XDCR helps Mirror Image drive more value out of real-time advertising applications.

At Mirror Image, we provide a fully managed, globally distributed and load balanced real-time platform specifically designed for online and mobile advertising applications. Our customers’ advertising applications need to execute with very fast response times – typically under 200 ms. – regardless of where the request originates geographically.

Some of these applications require very large data sets, with hundreds of millions of rows and hundreds or thousands of values per row. Until recently, since geographically distributed database consistency was so challenging to achieve, our applications managed customers’ data sets using flat files which were limited in size, impacting the use cases that we were able to implement. Leveraging the Couchbase Server with XDCR, we’re able to work with much larger data sets to successfully implement and execute a wider range of advertising technology use cases for our customers.

But don’t just read about it here – if you can’t make the event, stay connected on Twitter with the event’s hashtag #CBconnect, and follow us for updates @MirrorImageDDN. We’re excited to join this event with Couchbase and share our experience in delivering next-gen ad tech solutions to our customers.

For more information on Joe Lichtenberg’s session at Couchbase Connect, see the agenda here: http://www.couchbase.com/connect/agenda/using-couchbase-and-xdcr-for-real-time-advertising-applicationgs/.