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Reliable Video On Demand Regardless of Web Traffic Fluctuations

Mirror Image’s Video On Demand solution leverages our global Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) to reliably deliver streaming media content to users around the world, regardless of location or Web traffic fluctuations. With comprehensive capabilities, this single-source solution enables you to cost-effectively publish, manage, deliver and report on your streaming media activity.

Features and Benefits:

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

  • Reduces origin server bandwidth requirements, capital expenditure and operating costs while expanding multimedia capacity and global market reach.
  • Removes the “heavy lifting” from your origin server, empowering you to focus on your core business without additional infrastructure overhead.
  • Eliminates the burden of system maintenance / publishing and lowers account management expenses by enabling you to reliably publish, manage, deliver and analyze multimedia files.
  • Leverages high-availability storage or retrieve videos automatically from your origin server.

Comprehensive Content Management

  • Integrates multimedia publishing, management, delivery and analysis capabilities into a comprehensive and easy-to-use Web-based content management tool.
  • Provides complete and flexible control over multimedia content throughout the entire publishing and delivery lifecycle.

Greater Management Intelligence

  • Presents Web-based administrative reports on system usage, bandwidth consumption, storage consumption and audit trails.
  • Provides detailed user-viewing activity and trend analysis reports to enable you to understand the effectiveness of each multimedia presentation and make more informed business decisions.
  • Makes report data available in CSV format for use with Microsoft Excel or other management and analysis tools.

Industry-Standard Support

  • Supports industry-leading multimedia formats, including Windows Media, Flash, Real, and QuickTime.

U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090 and 7,739,400