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Dynamically Create and Stream Targeted Content and Playlists

Mirror Image’s Targeting and Authorization for Live and On-Demand Video service combines powerful streaming, targeting and policy capabilities to dynamically create and stream highly-targeted content and playlists. The service also enforces custom rules-based policy for both live and on-demand video.

This offering is the only solution of its kind that can stream both live and on-demand video to any device, including mobile tablets, game consoles and set-top boxes—and via any protocol, including: RTSP, RTMP, RTP/UDP, Apple HLS, IIS Smooth Streaming, and Adobe HS.

Capabilities include:

  • Publish once, play everywhere
  • Detect and optimize for any device type
  • Supports any streaming protocol
  • Supports both live and on-demand video
  • Targeting engine creates and delivers highly customized streams, playlists, and pre- and post-roll advertising
  • Security and policy engine captures and enforces your policy rules
  • Modular and configurable -use just the capabilities you need
  • Assist companies so the delivery of their video ads are VPAID compliant

U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090, 7,739,400, 5,991,809, 6,370,580, and 6,480,893