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Publisher: The Best Solution for Professional Broadcasters to Publish Videos Online

Publisher is a powerful online video publishing solution that offers robust video management features, an easy-to-navigate User Interface, an open API, and a whole lot more. Publisher is a single, all-inclusive, cohesive, unified platform that allows broadcasters to monitor and record their live video streams and deliver them via Mirror Image’s patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network.

Mirror Image designed Publisher to make it easier for news, media, entertainment, sports organizations, religious and educational institutions to publish their videos online. This solution empowers content owners to reach more screens, with better video quality, while providing powerful management features for delivering their media. Workflow

Working together, the Mirror Image® Dynamic Delivery Network and Publisher combines global performance and reliability with the flexibility to stream VOD or live H.264 media to any screen— desktops, mobile devices, and living room TVs—all without any complex configuration required.

Publisher features include:

  • And more


Media Management

Publisher gives you the ability to:

  • Upload original video assets to Mirror Image storage with
    • Web Uploader
    • FTP Upload
  • Sort and filter your video assets
  • Organize and group assets in folders
  • Apply tags for organization and automated workflows
  • Encode original assets to different formats and bitrates

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Live Streaming and Monitoring

Broadcast your live video streams and transcode them in real time in multiple bitrates and formats. Publisher ensures optimum playback across all device types. Your live streams can also be recorded for on-demand video.

Publisher gives you the ability to monitor your live video streams as well as on-demand video. The service can be:

  • Scheduled so the stream is checked every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
  • Configured for multiple monitors for the same stream
  • Setup to receive alerts via email and/or SMS
  • Configured so the monitors check VOD and live streams from any location if a URL is provided to the resource

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Video on Demand

Publisher empowers you to deliver your on-demand videos over any protocol and to any screen – iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, computers, set-top boxes and more.

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Publisher’s video editing tool allows users to create unlimited new videos from any uploaded video asset or recorded event. This is ideal for creating preview clips, splitting up sporting events, removing unwanted parts of videos, creating highlight clips, and more.

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Video Encoding and Transcoding

Upload your videos to Mirror Image storage and Publisher can automatically encode your Video On Demand (VOD) assets in a format that allows you to deliver them to any type of screen or device.

Publisher also has the ability to watermark videos on encode. This feature allows videos to keep the watermark visible on all devices and players. A Trimming Automation feature enables users to trim videos created from an original file upload.  Trimming can be selected from the beginning, end or both and then saved to an encoding group and applied automatically to new uploaded videos.  During video encoding, a new Multi Thumbnail Creation feature will automatically create multiple images from the video to use for players and other options.

Publisher’s  cloud-based transcoding feature gives you a superior way to create high quality, adaptive bitrate video streams.

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Customizable Players

Publisher includes default players, custom players and templates that allow you to quickly and easily create new custom players from existing templates. Publisher players also support customizable options such as social sharing, and clip sharing.

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With Publisher’s Advertising Options, you can input your ad server API to roll advertisements wherever your video plays. The service supports any VAST compliant ad server.

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Generate reports of your VOD assets, live streams and players and view the data by date range to narrow down the results.

  • See robust analytics with video engagement metrics
  • Create detailed reports in real time
  • Know exactly how many people are viewing your live streams or VOD
  • Run geo-location reports to know who your users are and where they are located

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U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090 and 7,739,400