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HTTP Live Streaming – Stream Your Live Events to More Continents with Higher Bit Rates at an Affordable Price

Mirror Image’s HTTP Live Streaming Service gives companies the ability to reliably stream their live events to more regions of the world at less cost than traditional RTMP steaming services.

The service receives an RTMP H.264/AAC encoded stream from an encoder and generates HTTP streams that are served from a best-in-class global HTTP object caching footprint with private fiber and multi-continent peering arrangements.

HTTP streams produced by this service allow enterprise HTTP caching systems to share the same HTTP object for stream delivery to multiple clients from a shared cache for better performance.


Benefits of the Mirror Image HTTP Streaming Service:

  • One video or audio stream delivered with multiple protocols: HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS, MSS – Just point your stream to us.
  • Improved delivery performance – Cedexis Radar consistently ranks Mirror Image as a top CDN in Availability, Low-Latency, and Throughput Performance.
  • Global Delivery with Higher Bit Rates – Deliver video and audio streams in-region on 5 continents: European Union, North America, South America, Korea, Japan and Australia.
  • HTTPS streaming – Protect your streams over the SSL protocol.
  • Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming – For mobile, desktop, and OTT devices.
  • Lower cost – The HTTP streaming service is priced less than traditional RTMP streaming solutions.