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On-Demand Streaming Solutions That Work Anywhere and Anytime

Mirror Image’s Streaming Media solutions empower organizations to use the Internet to reach and communicate with users—anywhere, anytime. From delivering interactive productions to streaming rich multimedia, the following offerings leverage our patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network to seamlessly bring communications to life online without the cost, the wait or the hassles of most “full-custom” solutions:

Video On Demand: Reliably delivers streaming media content to users around the world, regardless of location or Web traffic fluctuations.

Live Streaming: Streams “one-to-many” messages and custom presentations, meetings and events directly to the desktop for training, marketing and distance learning outlets.

Multi-Screen Streaming: With just one media source, we can deliver this content by RTMP for Flash, HTTP to the iPhone, Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming, RTSP/RTP for QuickTime and MPEG-TS for IPTV set-top boxes.

Online Video Platform: Easy to use, the end-to-end brandable video solution enables companies to monetize their videos through advertising integration.

Audio Streaming Solutions: Deliver live audio streams to listeners worldwide through Mirror Image’s patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network.

Streaming Media Platforms with Mirror Image Support

logo_windows Mirror Image is a Certified Microsoft Windows Media Hosting Provider.
logo_flash Mirror Image is a Certified Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service Provider.
logo_silverlight Mirror Image also delivers media for Microsoft Silverlight.
logo_keynote Mirror Image receives A+ grade (highest grade possible) for network quality and global streaming delivery.
logo_wowza 2 Mirror Image supports Wowza Media Server® Pro for live and on-demand Flash® and multi-protocol streaming.
U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090 and 7,739,400
European Patent Convention Number 1,018,084