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Analyze Your Stream Traffic Dynamically in a Browser

ClearVue Control Center gives you the ability to analyze your stream traffic through a dynamic, richly integrated web interface. With ClearVue, you are in complete control of your stream applications. The easy-to-use interface also allows you to provision or deprovision live, video on demand (VOD), and proxy video streams—from your home or office, and whenever you need them.

ClearVue Control Center consists of two feature-packed applications: ClearVue Analytics and ClearVue Provisioning


ClearVue Analytics

The ClearVue Analytics application gives you a clear view of reporting metrics, typically only using a single page to view any available data.

ClearVue Provisioning

The ClearVue Provisioning application allows you to provision and deprovision live, VOD, or proxy video streams. When your video streams are provisioned you can browse through a list of the streams and work with each one independently. You may also define and manage your own library of “templates” to help provision multiple streams that have the same basic settings.

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