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Getting Started with Edge Computing

Ready to get started with Mirror Image Edge Computing? We make it easy!

You can trial various aspects of our Edge Computing service at no charge, including our PixTracker, and our Geo-Distributed Database, which locates your data – and synchronized database servers – on SSD drives around the world, close to each visitor to deliver maximum performance.

Simple implementations can be completed in just a few hours by easily configuring our pre-built PixTracker application suite.

More sophisticated Edge Computing implementations are often completed in as little as one week, depending on the complexity of your application. Engagements typically begin with a scoping session where our engineers work with your team to capture your specific requirements. From there, we will implement your custom application on our network. On-going modifications to the application are usually implemented at no additional charge.



Contact us at sales@mirror-image.com to get started or to learn more.