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Geographically Distributed Database Service

For certain types of web or mobile applications, using a database that operates in a single location can create unacceptable performance and availability issues.  For these applications, our geographically-distributed database service can be an ideal approach.

Mirror Image’s Edge Computing service incorporates a fully managed, geographically distributed and synchronized NoSQL database-as-a-service capability that provides low latency and high availability for our customers’ Edge Computing applications.

You can store, update, and access your large proprietary data sets with up to hundreds of millions of rows and hundreds or thousands of values in each row, in nine Mirror Image data centers distributed around the world.  This means your Edge Computing applications are able to leverage large and highly granular data sets while providing the lowest end-user latency regardless of each visitor’s location.


Globally distributed, active database servers with synchronized data.
Your data sets are automatically replicated and synchronized across our globally distributed network of database servers, which are all equipped with SSD drives for ultra low latency.  Intelligent global load balancing ensures that each request is routed to the nearest data center.  This delivers the highest end-to-end performance regardless of each visitor’s location, ensures a consistent end-user experience across all data centers, and provides redundancy if any data center becomes unavailable.

Flexible, schemaless data model.
Our geo-distributed database service supports flexible key-value data formats, allowing you to upload and store your data sets with little or no changes and without requiring extensive data modeling or pre-processing.  Our Edge Computing service provides powerful data parsing and manipulation capabilities so that just the relevant data can be extracted (and processed) in real-time, supporting intelligent lookups and complex logic at the edge.

Our database service is built to scale automatically in response to both request rates and data growth.

Fully managed.
Maintenance, replication, synchronization, backup, security, and 24×7 monitoring are all standard with our service, so you can focus on what you do best, and leave the infrastructure and management to us.

Our geo-distributed database service is provided on a subscription-based model, and billed based on actual usage.

Our database is built on Couchbase Server, a widely used NoSQL database with over 350 commercial production customers in a range of industries.

Data privacy.
Mirror Image never uses customer’s data for any other purposes.  Your data is your data.  Period.


What kinds of use cases are best for Edge Computing and the Geo-Distributed Database?

In general, any database-backed application that must serve geographically disparate sets of users with low latency is potentially the right kind of application.  Typical examples include display and mobile advertising companies that need to push their GUID / cookie stores to the edge for improved targeting with ultra fast response times, consumer and marketing companies that must push their CRM and other data to the edge for improved personalization at scale, and a variety of other web and mobile applications.

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