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Configurable Solutions that Speed Application Development

Edge Computing is a groundbreaking service that enables you to execute custom real-time application logic on our patented, worldwide network, to deliver the highest levels of performance, scalability, and reliability. We offer a rich set of configurable solutions that act as building blocks that speed and simplify the creation of new, highly custom applications. Selected solutions include:


Data Collection Solution

The Data Collection solution allows you to collect and record custom and granular data from various online sources. It works by capturing any visitor attributes (such as cookie values, for example), contextual information, and visitor actions on partner websites through ad tags, ad content (creative), mobile applications, and via other web and mobile content. Optional lookups and filtering using various databases, including WURFL Mobile Device Database, IAB/ABCe International Spiders and Bots List, NetAcuity or MaxMind Geo-IP Database. It can also use any custom data sets provided by you to control the response logic, and can be written to the log data and cookie information.

Mirror Image subsequently deletes all data, eliminating any data privacy or leakage issues.

Data Collection


Device Optimization Solution

The Device Optimization solution identifies the specific mobile device type and all of its capabilities for every request. It can programmatically select or customize each response for each device in real time, providing each visitor with an optimized experience. In addition, Mirror Image automatically optimizes a single H.264 encoded asset for different players and devices, eliminating the need for multiple encoded assets for each creative when supporting multiple device types.

Device Optimization


Video Targeting Solution

Rich media advertising solution providers use Video Targeting to programmatically select highly targeted video content and advertising, build custom playlists (SMIL, mobile SMIL, VAST, VPAID, etc.), and serve the targeted content in real-time. Mirror Image can also be used to stream a single H.264 AAC encoded source video directly to a wide range of devices.

Video Targeting


Geo-Targeting Solution

The Geo-Targeting solution programmatically customizes the response (for example to select or customize content, ad tags, or ad creative) based on the geographic attributes of each request, via real-time Geo-IP database lookups. The Geo-IP databases are resident at all locations on the Mirror Image network to provide the lowest latency response.

Geo Targeting


Other Mirror Image Edge Computing solutions include:

  • Advertising Solution
  • Digital Agency Solution
  • Robot Detection Solution
  • Content Rotation Solution
  • Mobile Advertising Solution
  • Content Authorization Solution
  • Advertising Billing Verification Solution
  • Rich Media (Live and VOD) for Mobile Solution
  • Mobile Pre- and Post-Roll Ad Insertion Solution
  • Mobile Advertising Delivery Verification Solution
  • Mobile and Location-Based Ad Optimization Solution

New custom solutions are easily created through a simple configuration process to meet specific customers’ requirements, usually in just a few days. Existing solutions are highly configurable through a simple configuration process.

U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090, 7,739,400, 5,991,809, 6,370,580, and 6,480,893