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What’s Inside the Edge Computing Framework

Edge Computing is a groundbreaking service that lets you execute custom real-time application logic on our patented, worldwide network. It delivers the highest levels of performance, scalability and reliability. The service is based on a flexible, rules-based framework—our patented Edge Computing Framework—a deeply functional and highly extensible framework for handling a wide range of request and response processing logic.

Our unique Edge Computing Framework allows new, custom applications to be created quickly and easily through a simple configuration process. This usually takes just a few days in total, from initial scoping through deployment. Our unique approach allows you to utilize our service regardless of the infrastructure that your existing internal applications use.


Mirror Image Edge Computing Framework – Typical Application Flow

Typical Application Flow


Key Features

Our Edge Computing Framework provides a rich set of configurable, out of the box functionality to speed development and deployment of applications. Some commonly used features of the framework include:

Request Logic Processing. Allows the applications to detect any request attributes in real time based on unique business requirements, including:

  • User IP address
  • User agent
  • Geo-location values derived from IP (including location, connection type, ISP, and more)
  • Mobile device type and capabilities
  • Cookie values
  • HTTP Method
  • Language preference
  • Browser type and version
  • Request URL, including query argument values
  • Form field contents
  • HTTP Header values
  • And more

Database Lookups and Filtering. Since the Mirror Image network utilizes very high capacity infrastructure, large commercial and customer-specific data sets can be housed in all locations at all times. Supported data sets include:

  • Mobile devices and capabilities
  • Spiders & robots lists
  • Geo-IP databases
  • Designated Market Area (DMA) codes
  • Customer-specific data sets

Response Logic Processing. Using request attributes and any other data, applications built with the Edge Computing Framework can programmatically create, select or customize virtually any response in real-time, including:

  • Programmatic redirects
  • Programmatically serve any content
  • Token replacement / Dynamic creative optimization
  • Template modifications, e.g. playlist, digital video ad serving template (VAST), etc.
  • Full custom scripting capabilities
  • Cookie manipulation logic
  • And more

Highly Customized Logging with Zero Data Leakage. Applications can record virtually any data collected from each request in custom log files. The data can be customized for both content and format to meet each customer’s needs. Mirror Image does not use, keep, read, or sell customers’ data.

  • Support for custom formats to match customers’ existing ETL processing, as well as W3C Extended Log Format and Apache CLF Format.
  • Record any attributes of each request, e.g. cookie values, query arguments, etc.
  • Perform filtering or database lookups, e.g. spiders & bots List, Geo-IP DBs, and record/enrich the log file data
  • Log files are made available to customers shortly after the events are logged, then deleted from our servers to ensure absolute privacy

U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090, 7,739,400, 5,991,809, 6,370,580, and 6,480,893