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Edge Computing for Startups

For online and mobile application startup companies, velocity and agility can mean the difference between success and failure.

To meet the needs of these companies, Mirror Image has developed PixTracker, a flexible, pre-built, data-driven application suite that enables online and mobile companies to immediately incorporate advanced real-time advertising, personalization and data collection capabilities into their technology offerings, and to easily experiment with new and alternative features and approaches, providing significant cost savings over in-house built applications and competitive differentiation against their competition.

Instead of months of development and testing, not to mention the subsequent cost and build-out of the infrastructure required to accommodate peak real-time, geographically distributed traffic volumes, PixTracker customers can be operational, world-wide, in a matter of hours.


PixTracker is ready-built to enable customers to include sophisticated online data collection, ad tag processing, cookie manipulation, dynamic redirect URL processing and other capabilities into their applications quickly, effortlessly, and at a low price point.

The PixTracker application suite is pre-deployed, worldwide, in all Mirror Image data centers providing the lowest end-user latency regardless of each visitor’s location. Configuration of new PixTracker instances consists of simply selecting and enabling the desired functional capabilities and providing the necessary operational data in the form of “key,value” pairs in a configuration data file. New configuration data can be updated on our network as often as every 5 minutes.



PixTracker executes your custom request-response processing for each and every request worldwide, and captures the details of each transaction in log files that are made available to you for downloading and processing. Since many startup companies do not yet have ETL (extract-transform-load) and data warehousing capabilities or expertise to process the log data and turn it into actionable reports and intelligence, Mirror Image optionally provides these capabilities, tightly integrated with PixTracker.


The tight integration of PixTracker, ETL, and reporting delivers a complete, end-to-end solution for companies that need to quickly, effortlessly, and affordably incorporate sophisticated real-time capabilities – and the associated analytics and reporting – into their applications.
For more information on ECF for Startups and the PixTracker application suite, contact us at sales@mirror-image.com