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Our unique, proven Edge Computing service is at the heart of our Dynamic Delivery Network.  Edge Computing is a groundbreaking service that enables you to execute custom real-time business logic – for targeting and personalization, authorization, optimization, and so on – on our patented, worldwide network, at the edges of the Internet, minimizing latency and offloading your business logic from your origin servers.  Our Edge Computing service is tightly integrated with all of our content delivery and streaming media capabilities, to help you increase visitor engagement and maximize business value.

Mirror Image Edge Computing

Our Edge Computing service is ideal for handling a wide range of custom applications and use cases, including dynamic content, content authorization, geo-targeting, geo-blocking, device targeting, customization and targeting, data onboarding and use of first party offline data, and a range of programmatic mobile and display advertising use cases—as well as many other use cases.

Tightly integrated with all of our Media and Content Delivery services, Edge Computing makes it easy to programmatically create a unique online experience for every visitor in real time. Powered by our flexible Edge Computing Framework, and a set of extensible Edge Computing Solutions, it provides configurable building blocks that speed and simplify the development and deployment of new, highly customized applications.

Key Benefits

An unmatched set of real-time dynamic customization capabilities.  Our Edge Computing capabilities include deep functionality for sophisticated request logic processing, response logic processing, storage and Read/Write access to our geographically distributed NoSQL database-as-a-service, and custom logging, all tightly integrated with our Media and Content Delivery.

Fast time-to-value. Our Edge Computing Framework and rich set of extensible solutions make it fast and easy to deploy custom application logic on our network—without having to re-engineer each new application from scratch.

Low latency, worldwide. High capacity data centers are strategically located throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia to ensure low latency response times regardless of each visitor’s location.

Automatic elastic scalability. Traffic spikes are handled automatically, regardless of how the traffic patterns shift geographically. Your custom business logic and content delivery are distributed to all of our data centers globally, and we scale up and down automatically in response to load. There’s no configuration work required by the customer, ever.

Optimized for high request rates. Unlike traditional cloud providers, our network is optimized for handling very high request rates with guaranteed availability and low latency. We routinely process hundreds of thousands of requests per second for various customer applications.

Eliminates single point of failure. Since all customer applications reside on all of our data centers, there is no single point of failure.

High touch relationship. Our skilled support engineers are knowledgeable in the details of each implementation, and provide fast and accurate response and maintenance as your requirements change.

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