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Protect Yourself Against Traffic Spikes and Achieve a Better User Experience

Mirror Image’s Content Caching service cost-effectively delivers content and accelerates the user experience. It offloads processing and protects Web sites from traffic spikes by leveraging our global Content Access Point® (CAP) network to ensure optimal performance. With broad content support and an unsurpassed cache hit ratio, this solution bypasses Internet congestion and trims Web site processing costs to reliably serve static and dynamic content to users worldwide.

Features and Benefits:

Reduced Infrastructure and Operating Costs

  • Reduces origin server bandwidth requirements, capital expenditure and management costs while expanding Web site capacity and global market reach.
  • Enables you to support more site visitors and transactions with a leaner infrastructure, thereby reducing your ongoing hardware and IT costs.
  • Removes the “heavy lifting” from your origin server, empowering you to focus on your core business without additional infrastructure overhead.

Supports Static and Dynamic Content

  • Leverages flexible cache rules to enable you to define robust caching criteria based on query strings, HTTP headers, Cookies and POST data down to an individual URL.
  • Offloads requests for pages normally generated by application servers including technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP), Server Side Java and Java Servlets.
  • Provides cache control based on business rules to ensure only the freshest dynamic content is served.

Reliable Global Content Delivery

  • Provides faster, more reliable content delivery by reducing Internet hops and circumventing overloaded peering points through strategically located content delivery network.
  • Offers virtually unlimited scalability and worry-free performance to ensure users an unparalleled Internet experience even during rapid traffic growth and surges.
  • Reduces delivery latency with an unsurpassed cache hit ratio that ensures lower Web server processing costs and a better user experience.

Unlimited Capacity

  • Provides global performance, flexibility and scalability, enabling you to expand your business without straining your budget.
  • Offers flash-crowd protection against traffic surges and intermittent spikes to proactively manage growing demand without costly Web infrastructure investments.

Fresh, Highly-Available Content

  • Optional distributed storage reduces costs and complexity by enabling you to outsource object storage.
  • Boosts Web site capacity with massively scalable network architecture and storage.
  • Provides reliable content availability via automatic storage replication.
  • Ensures new content is automatically served worldwide within minutes without origin server access and processing.

Greater Planning and Management Intelligence

  • Real-time traffic monitor enables you to accurately assess geographical distribution of content demands and quickly identify problems before they impact business.
  • Real-time performance monitor provides reliable, third-party metrics to assess customer performance.
  • Integrates easily with most analytical tools through automated delivery of industry-standard Web logs.
  • Provides secure, real-time access to traffic and bandwidth utilization analysis from any browser via our easy-to-use ClearVue Control Center Provisioning and Analytics portal.

Rapid, Low-Cost Implementation

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing server software and hardware.
  • Deploys within hours, not days or weeks.
  • Adheres to open standards to ensure network infrastructure compatibility.

World-Class Technical Support

  • Ensures flawless content delivery, continuous network uptime and optimized Web performance with 24×7 monitoring, alerting and reporting.

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