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Leverage our DDN for Top Availability and Performance

Mirror Image Internet is more than just a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) solutions leverage the unlimited capacity of our global Content Access Point® (CAP) network to guarantee availability and unsurpassed performance—even during peak traffic periods.

Our real-time, ultra low latency services include customizable application logic, online video publishing, streaming solutions for live video and video on-demand, content delivery capabilities for content caching and file downloads. It also includes delivery to an extensive range of desktops, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes and other devices.

Accelerate the User Experience

Whether your site includes simple, static or dynamic content, the following solutions offload your server processing and bypass Internet congestion to accelerate your user experience and cost-effectively deliver your content to millions of your users worldwide:

Global Content Caching: Offloads processing and protects Web sites from traffic spikes by intelligently aggregating, storing and effectively delivering static and dynamic content through a global network of high-performance servers.

Large Object Download: Reduces origin site storage, processing and bandwidth costs by providing guaranteed capacity and availability. This ensures the fast, secure and reliable download of digital assets including images, rich media, documents, software updates and other large digital objects.

U.S. Patent Numbers 6,915,329, 6,581,090 and 7,739,400