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Distribute Software To Millions of Users, All at Once

Software companies create new applications, add new features, fix bugs and make their products available for customers all the time. But delivering and distributing this software to millions of users around the globe isn’t something these companies need to focus on.
When leading software companies need to deliver software patches reliably, or make new software applications available to end users all at once, many turn to Mirror Image to do that for them.

How We Help You

  • Offload your software applications to our global servers
  • Automatically make the software available for any device type
  • Ensure fast, error-free file delivery
  • Reduce your infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Distribute critical software updates anywhere in the world

Mirror Image owns and built its patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network. With strategically located Content Access Points (CAPs) around the world, we serve the software to your customer lightning-fast. Our network architecture automatically delivers the software from the closest server to them. We can also deliver your software securely to only the people that are authorized. When you need to make new software patches available for millions of mobile devices or desktops, Mirror Image has the global network with the capacity, performance and reliability to deliver it anywhere in the world, instantly.