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Stream Live Media to Any Screen —No Complex Configuration Required

The Mirror Image Dynamic Delivery Network combines global performance and reliability with the flexibility to stream VOD or live H.264 media to any screen—the desktop, mobile living room screens included—without any complex configuration required. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the first to combine multi-screen streaming capabilities from a single media source. This allows you to stream H.264 AAC encoded video straight to the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as well as Android and BlackBerry devices.

We offer you a broad and powerful solution for live and on-demand streaming from a single source. Our services enable you to gain online viewers with an unsurpassed media experience, despite surging traffic conditions and large file sizes. With Mirror Image, you can now build real business value around all your media assets.

Edge Computing for Mobile

With Mirror Image, you can extend and scale the customized behavior of your applications using a set of solutions that execute on our worldwide Dynamic Delivery Network. These solutions enable mobile application developers to quickly and flexibly execute their customized session logic close to visitors’ devices, without requiring an expensive build-out of your own internal capacity.

Among our pre-built, extensible Edge Computing applications are the following:

  • Mobile device detection: Automatically detects the specific mobile device type and the capabilities enabled on the device for each request in real time.
  • Geolocation detection: Checks for geolocation support and anonymously identifies the location of each visitor in real time.
  • Mobile redirect and customization: Redirects to a specific mobile website, serves a specific set of content, or programmatically adjusts the presentation and capabilities of the content or advertising based on the specific device type, geolocation, or other attributes of the request.
  • Pixel tracking for mobile: Enables placement of a 1×1 pixel on web pages to record specific actions and events, devices and enabled capabilities associated with each visitor as customized log file entries.
  • Targeted pre- and post-roll: Programmatically determines contextually-appropriate pre- and/or post-roll advertising for each request and dynamically creates the corresponding SMIL Mobile Profile in real time.
  • Robot detection: Determines whether a request is originating from a user or a robot in real time.
  • Billing verification: Generates a unique, configurable entry in the log file for each request for an ad to enable you to verify the accuracy of payments from your various advertising partners.