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Deliver Live Video and Online Events Easily and Affordably

With Mirror Image’s Live Streaming service, you can deliver live video and audio events to your online audience easily and affordably. Whether your audience is in the hundreds or millions, it’s critical that viewers of your event have a flawless experience. Our Live Streaming provides just that, so that you can attract, retain and grow your online community. With Mirror Image’s Live Streaming service and its on-demand capacity and reliability, each user gets the best seat in the house for all your live events.

It’s no wonder why our global network each year successfully delivers some of the largest live events on the Internet, including popular sporting events, entertainment awards, beauty pageants, space launches and more.

How We Help You

  • Deliver video over these protocols: HTML5, RTMP(E)(T)(TE), Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Adobe Flash HTTP Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, RTP/RTSP
  • Stream live events to the desktop, mobile devices and the living room
  • Protect your video stream from unauthorized viewing
  • Gain better insight into your audience, content and performance with our online ClearVue Analytics application
  • Provision your video streams yourself with our online ClearVue Provisioning application
  • Deliver high quality video and audio anywhere in the world

No matter whether your event is a concert, sporting event, breaking news or something else, we give you the ability to deliver around-the-clock live streaming made possible by the global reach of the Mirror Image network. By distributing your broadcasts through our patented global Dynamic Delivery Network your users will view your event through the media server closest to them for optimal performance and a smooth uninterrupted experience