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Accelerate Delivery of Your Videos, Graphics and Dynamic Content

Serious online gamers enjoy the latest video game trailers and other rich downloadable content produced by their favorite game developers—and they do so at all hours of the day and night. This content needs to play flawlessly, and if it doesn’t, stuttering and buffering can destroy the company’s brand instantly.

Few game companies have the resources to build a global network to handle the heavy, unpredictable traffic that can come from a new game launch. Mirror Image’s online gaming solution allows game developers and publishers to breathe easy knowing their video trailers, images and other dynamic content can be delivered around the globe with the best performance available.

How We Help You

  • Reduce latency
  • Improve reliability
  • Lower your infrastructure costs
  • Deliver high-quality video to users worldwide

Mirror Image’s video delivery and caching service will deliver your content quickly and reliably anywhere in the world, even during huge traffic surges. And our game-tuned Dynamic Delivery Network will serve your game’s dynamic elements with the same speed and reliability as cached content.