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Solving the Tech Challenges in Today’s
Display and Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

The display and mobile ad technology markets are made up of thousands of companies, each providing a unique offering to the marketplace. Demand-side technologies that help advertisers buy ads more efficiently, supply side technologies that help publishers collect maximum revenue for their inventory, and a wealth of specialists that provide capabilities for data management, retargeting, dynamic creative optimization, ad viewability and brand safety, and other technologies — together comprise the real-time ad-tech ecosystem.


While these services all provide different capabilities, at their core they share many functional components.

Market Requirements

Virtually all of these technologies must perform these actions in one form or another:

  • The ability to detect specific attributes of each request, such as cookie values, location, query arguments, language headers, and device type and characteristics;
  • The ability to programmatically perform some action(s) in response, for example to create or modify an ad tag, select and customize creative based on data sets and analytics, and/or set cookie values;
  • And the ability to log the data associated with each impression in log files for downstream reporting and analytics.

All of these real-time actions must be performed with very low latency, regardless of the geographic location of each request—and regardless of traffic levels or Internet activity. Any latency or availability issues immediately translate into lost revenue, and can put valuable partnerships at risk.

Ad-tech companies don’t want to build and maintain their own low latency worldwide networks to meet these requirements. And traditional cloud computing services are not optimized for the low latency operations, high request rates, and elastic global scalability that success in ad-tech requires.

How Mirror Image Meets the Challenges of the Advertising Community

Mirror Image’s Edge Computing capabilities are custom-built to meet the challenges within the display and mobile advertising technology ecosystem. With our flexible framework and a large set of customizable solutions to handle common tasks like pixel tracking, cookie manipulation, device detection, geo-location and token substitution, Mirror Image is the ideal platform for ad tech companies that are seeking a competitive edge.