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Mirror Image Internet Announces Migration Program for Cotendo Cloudlet Customers

New program is designed for Cotendo Cloudlet customers to future-proof their investments in executing application logic on the edge

TEWKSBURY, MA – September 4, 2012 – Mirror Image® Internet, a leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions, today announced a new program to provide Cotendo Cloudlet customers with an easy migration path to future-proof their real-time applications that execute “on the edge.”

“We were surprised to learn of Akamai’s decision to place all Cotendo services in maintenance mode through January 2013, with all Cotendo services, as well as the Cotendo network and brand, to be completely closed down at the end of March, 2013,” commented Robert Andrews, COO, Mirror Image Internet. “We want all Cotendo Cloudlet customers to know that they have a proven, feature-rich alternative to Cotendo that they can leverage today, and can rest assure it will be supported and enhanced well into the future.”

Through October 31, 2012, all eligible Cotendo Cloudlet customers can qualify for a free, no-obligation migration plan, including personalized consulting sessions with Mirror Image engineers, a detailed Statement of Work, and a functional Proof of Concept. Cotendo Cloudlet customers should contact CloudletMigration@mirror-image.com for more information.

Mirror Image ECF for Cotendo Cloudlet Customers

Mirror Image provides a robust, proven alternative to Cotendo Cloudlet. Mirror Image Edge Computing Framework (ECF) is a highly customizable and scalable platform for executing real-time application logic on the patented, globally distributed Mirror Image network. ECF applications are feature-rich, execute with very low latency, and scale dynamically in response to traffic bursts in a cost-effective manner, regardless of geography or traffic levels.

“We are a big data company, and the ability to collect billions of online events with superior performance and availability is absolutely critical to the success of our business,” noted Elaine Harvey, VP Software Engineering, Resonate Insights. “Not only did Mirror Image’s outstanding implementation staff make it virtually painless to migrate our edge logic from our previous vendor, but our application is now far more functional than was possible before. Mirror Image delivered exactly what they promised.”

Comprehensive, Highly Customizable Logic Capabilities

ECF is a feature-rich service with powerful, highly customizable, out-of-the box capabilities that make it easy to build highly tailored applications that provide custom behavior required by a wide variety of organizations, each with their own unique requirements.

ECF includes comprehensive functionality for programmatically detecting any attributes of each request, the ability to execute virtually any logic and actions in response to each request, and highly customizable logging functions to capture just the desired content, in the customer’s specific log file format. Mirror Image ECF is used throughout various industries to deliver a wide range of applications that execute logic on the edge, allowing customers to dynamically scale traffic worldwide in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Typical ECF applications include data collection, behavioral and geo-targeting, mobile device optimization, dynamic creative optimization, rules-based authentication, and many more types of logic-dependent applications that may optionally deliver content as part of the response. Sample ECF features include reading and setting cookie values, object modification, token replacement, XSL transforms, token authorization, sophisticated request filtering, request URL parsing, redirect logic, complex request processing logic, and various other capabilities. Database lookups are available using the following third-party databases, which are all resident in memory on the Mirror Image network:

  • WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File)
  • MaxMind GeoIP Data
  • Digital Element NetAcuity GeoIP Data
  • IAB/ABCe International Spiders and Bots List

Our Strong History Guarantees a Future-Proof Investment For Customers

Mirror Image has been an independent cloud infrastructure service provider since 1997, and our Edge Computing Framework has been in production 24/7 since 2005. ECF has gained solid adoption with customers in all industries, especially in the display advertising technology and the mobile advertising industries. We are aggressively implementing new functionality and we continually add new capacity worldwide to stay ahead of our rapid customer adoption and utilization. You can rest assured Mirror Image will continue to officially expand and support the ECF product line far into the future.
Unsurpassed Privacy

Unlike other service providers, Mirror Image does not keep, use, or monetize customers’ data in any way. All customer data is deleted from Mirror Image’s servers after four days by default, which means that you can be confident that we will never compete with our customers’ interests.

Simpler Development Through Deployment

Implementation is a high-touch, personalized process. Our experienced professional services engineers work with your team to scope out the optimum use of the various ECF capabilities to best meet your business needs. Typical deployments take just a few days, which means you can be up and running with applications that are at least as functional – if not dramatically more functional – than your current Cotendo Cloudlet applications fast, and without sidetracking your internal development team with migration efforts.

Time Limited Offer

Through October 31, 2012, all eligible Cotendo Cloudlet customers can qualify for a free, no-obligation migration plan, including personalized consulting sessions with experienced Mirror Image ECF engineers, a detailed Statement of Work, and a functional Proof of Concept. Cotendo Cloudlet customers should contact CloudletMigration@mirror-image.com for more information.

About Mirror Image Internet
Mirror Image® Internet, Inc. is the leading provider of Real-Time Solutions-as-a-Service capabilities for online companies worldwide. Mirror Image combines a patented globally distributed Edge Computing network with a high performance content delivery platform to provide highly scalable online services with low latency and worldwide coverage. Mirror Image Internet’s real-time service offerings include Edge Computing capabilities, a complete Online Video Platform, streaming solutions for delivering live video and video on-demand, content delivery capabilities for content caching and file downloads, and optimized delivery to an extensive range of desktops, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes and other devices.

Mirror Image has been recognized by Internet Retailer magazine as the 2010 Vendor Leader in the Content Delivery Network Category for the fourth consecutive year. The company was also named a 2008 finalist in the Streaming Media magazine Readers’ Choice Awards in the Global Content Network Delivery category. Mirror Image is a U.S.-based company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass. Mirror Image was founded in 1997. For additional information, please visit www.mirror-image.com or call +1 866 374 4113. Follow Mirror Image on Twitter @MirrorImage_CDN.