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Unas Media Productions Selects Mirror Image for Live, On-Demand Sports Broadcast Streaming 

Edge Computing service provides secure distribution of tokenized stream URLs via XML to Unas’ custom video player 

TEWKSBURY, MA – September 11, 2013 – Mirror Image®, a leading Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) that enables global organizations to deliver content intelligently with customized targeting logic, today announced it has been selected by Unas Media Productions, a Vienna-based video production company incorporated by Sportsman Media Holding, to improve live and on-demand sports broadcasting streams for its global audience.

Mirror Image’s Edge Computing service provides Unas with a mechanism for securely distributing tokenized stream URLs via XML to the Unas custom video player. Mirror Image also supports other video players and formats. As part of the Edge Computing offering, Mirror Image customized its Targeting and Authorization Suite for Live and On-Demand Video to enforce geography-based licensing restrictions and time-sensitive, tokenized URLs to ensure that video requests are valid and received within a specified window of availability.

Unas customers can stream sporting events directly from the venue location to Mirror Image’s Multi-Screen Streaming Service. When a media player running on the Unas customer client machine makes a request to the Multi-Screen Streaming Service, the Mirror Image Edge Computing Service is used as a policy server to enforce the Targeting and Authorization rules before playback is allowed.

“Unas was looking for an industry-proven, Wowza-based partner to improve the global performance of mobile live streaming for our customers’ sporting events,” said Gerald Stiglitz, Managing Director for Unas Media Productions. “Mirror Image’s Edge Computing Service provides us with secure and reliable video distribution using a custom-built geo-blocking solution for delivering live and on-demand sport broadcasts to a wide variety of mobile devices and tablets worldwide.”

“Unas was in the market for a multi-screen live and on-demand streaming service that its customers could deploy globally regardless of their end users’ geographic location, protocol, or device type,” said Robert Andrews, Chief Operating Officer for Mirror Image. “We are proud to offer Unas a highly customized, cost-effective solution that helps enforce a custom rules-based policy, increases operational efficiencies, and improves the viewing experience of their customers’ sporting events around the globe.”

Click here for more information about Mirror Image’s Targeting and Authorization Suite for Live and On-Demand Video.

About Unas Media Productions
Unas media productions is a video production company and offers personalized media solutions for customers in mobile, Internet and broadcasting. A mixture of top of the range newsroom facilities, production software and hardware including digital audio and video editing equipment, portable ENG television equipment for field reports, downlink facilities and years of experience in video production ensure that we can offer the highest quality and the most creative solutions to any challenges.

About Mirror Image
Mirror Image provides a Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN), the next generation CDN, which enables global organizations to deliver content intelligently with customized targeting logic. Dynamic Delivery Networks are created from highly customizable application execution logic and deliver digital content globally, with ultra-low latency to any device type. Through this DDN and its customer focused approach, Mirror Image makes it possible for companies to put their content and applications to the best use possible. For over 16-years, Mirror Image has been working with the largest and most innovative ad-tech companies and brands around the globe.

Founded in 1997, Mirror Image is a U.S.-based company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass. To learn more about how Mirror Image is helping companies provide targeted content through its Dynamic Delivery Network, please visit www.mirror-image.com or call +1-866 374-4113. Follow Mirror Image on Twitter @MirrorImageDDN.