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Mirror Image Internet Announces New Data Collection Solution and CPM Pricing Models for Edge Computing Services

New solution and pricing models make it easier and more cost effective for companies in the display advertising ecosystem to execute real-time logic in the cloud

TEWKSBURY, MA – June 19, 2012 – Mirror Image® Internet, a leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions, today announced a new Data Collection Solution as part of the company’s Edge Computing services, and CPM pricing models to make it easier for organizations to execute their custom business logic on Mirror Image’s worldwide, real-time network.

The Mirror Image Edge Computing Framework (ECF) is a highly customizable and scalable platform for executing real-time application logic on the patented, globally distributed Mirror Image network. Applications that execute on ECF exhibit lower latency, and scale dynamically in response to traffic bursts in a cost-effective manner, regardless of geography or traffic levels.

“Performance and reliability are critical in our business and Mirror Image’s ECF service has helped us achieve significant improvements in both of these key areas,” said Todd Smith, Senior Infrastructure Manager at Channel Intelligence. “We are consistently seeing excellent performance throughout North America and Europe, and the service enables us to deliver billions of impressions.”

Data Collection with Database Lookups

Mirror Image is excited about its new Data Collection solution. The solution is highly configurable to allow customers to capture any attributes of each request, perform data lookups using a variety of third-party databases, and write highly customized log entries to log files that are made available to customers with low latency.

Database lookups are available using the following third-party databases, which are all resident in memory on the Mirror Image network:

  • WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File)
  • MaxMind GeoIP Data
  • Digital Element NetAcuity GeoIP Data
  • IAB/ABCe International Spiders and Bots List

The solution is also capable of reading and setting cookie values, serving redirects, and performing various other actions.

CPM Pricing Model

ECF services are available via a “cost-per-thousand requests” (CPM) pricing model. “Many of our ECF customers in the online and mobile advertising space run their businesses using CPM-based pricing models,” said Robert Andrews, Chief Operating Officer at Mirror Image Internet. “By using a consistent pricing metric, we can guarantee that their expenses with us stay proportional to their revenue, even if there are large spikes in their traffic over the course of the month.”


Unlike other service providers, Mirror Image does not keep, use, or monetize customers’ data in any way. Robert Andrews continues, “We don’t compete with our customers. Many of our customers in the display space are in the data business. We record data on our customers’ behalf, make it available to them, and then delete it off our servers. This is a key reason why many of our customers in the display advertising ecosystem choose to work with us.”

About Mirror Image Internet
Mirror Image® Internet, Inc. is the leading provider of Real-Time Solutions-as-a-Service capabilities for online companies worldwide. Mirror Image combines a patented globally distributed Edge Computing network with a high performance content delivery platform to provide highly scalable online services with low latency and worldwide coverage. Mirror Image Internet’s real-time service offerings include Edge Computing capabilities, a complete Online Video Platform, streaming solutions for delivering live video and video on-demand, content delivery capabilities for content caching and file downloads, and optimized delivery to an extensive range of desktops, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes and other devices.

Mirror Image has been recognized by Internet Retailer magazine as the 2010 Vendor Leader in the Content Delivery Network Category for the fourth consecutive year. The company was also named a 2008 finalist in the Streaming Media magazine Readers’ Choice Awards in the Global Content Network Delivery category. Mirror Image is a U.S.-based company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass. Mirror Image was founded in 1997. For additional information, please visit www.mirror-image.com or call +1 866 374 4113. Follow Mirror Image on Twitter @MirrorImage_CDN.