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Beanstock Media Selects Mirror Image to Maximize Ad Revenues for Publishers 

Edge Computing service improves transparency and maximizes yields for
private ad exchanges

TEWKSBURY, MA – February 26, 2013 – Mirror Image®, a leading Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) that enables global organizations to deliver content intelligently with customized targeting logic, today announced it has been selected by Beanstock Media to improve data collection and optimize workflow logic for their private ad exchanges.   Beanstock Media offers a premium supply side platform (SSP) and manages private ad exchanges for an exclusive set of high quality publishers, supporting all forms of display advertising – standard, mobile, video and other high impact rich media.

Beanstock Media is leveraging the Mirror Image Edge Computing Framework to collect highly granular data associated with advertisers’ bid requests, and subsequently perform highly sophisticated decisioning logic to maximize CPM rates for its publisher partners.

“By moving these services out to the Edge with Mirror Image, we are now able to track and optimize bid requests, optimize workflow, and minimize daisy chaining issues, resulting in increased revenue for our customers and lower operating costs for us,” said Will Alexander, Chief Technology Officer for Beanstock Media. “Mirror Image’s Dynamic Delivery Network enables us to more easily identify disparities between bid price and paid price, allowing us to more accurately establish value in the ad impression marketplace and help publishers maximize their overall ad revenue.”

“Our Edge Computing capabilities enable ad tech companies to deploy their highly custom, sophisticated data collection and targeting logic, with speed and scale worldwide, in an extremely cost effective manner,” said Robert Andrews, Chief Operating Officer for Mirror Image Internet. “We are extremely excited to add Beanstock Media to our rapidly expanding portfolio of ad-tech companies for whom we boost agility, increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies.”

Click here for more information about data collection solutions powered by the Mirror Image Internet Edge Computing Framework.

About Mirror Image

Mirror Image provides a Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN), the next generation CDN, which enables global organizations to deliver content intelligently with customized targeting logic. Dynamic Delivery Networks are created from highly customizable application execution logic and deliver digital content globally, with ultra-low latency to any device type. Through this DDN and its customer focused approach, Mirror Image makes it possible for companies to put their content and applications to the best use possible. For over 16-years, Mirror Image has been working with the largest and most innovative ad-tech companies and brands around the globe.

Founded in 1997, Mirror Image is a U.S.-based company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass. To learn more about how Mirror Image is helping companies provide targeted content through its Dynamic Delivery Network, please visit www.mirror-image.com or call +1-866 374-4113. Follow Mirror Image on Twitter @MirrorImageDDN.