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6/26/2015 – A Peek Into Reuters Live Video Syndication Play with Mirror Image – VideoInk
“Newspapers aim more and more to participate in the 24/7 news cycle and report events live. Even though the desire is there, they are not as [equipped] to handle live video as a broadcaster might be, so a technological solution was needed to make this as easy as possible,” Hristo Guertchev, Senior Product Manager at Thomson Reuters, tells VideoInk. And to help in building that technological solution is Mirror Image, a real-time video delivery network that has over 17 years of track record helping publishers adapt to the fast moving changes related to media distribution.”

6/21/2015 – From Radio Waves To Streaming – 404 Tech Support
“Mirror Image is sharing the results of its survey to ask consumers about their use of radio and online streaming audio. Surprisingly, even with data caps, consumers are changing from radio waves to online streaming. The survey includes findings relevant to advertisers for finding their interested parties by device (smartphones, desktops, tablets), location (during work or in their cars), and platform (Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, AM/FM radio).”

6/17/2015 – Terrestial Radio Out, Streaming In – BizReport
“According to a new Mirror Image survey which found nearly half of consumers ‘haven’t listened’ to AM/FM radio at home for more than a year. Researchers found nearly 80% of those surveyed are listening to audio while at work and about one-third say online radio ads are ‘very annoying’ and are irrelevant to their needs.”

6/17/2015 – Online Audio Streaming On The Up – Mobile Marketing
“Consumers are abandoning traditional radio listening in favour of online audio streaming, according to a study conducted by Mirror Image, a streaming media and content delivery company. The study, Radio Evolution: From Waves to Online Streaming, found that 43 per cent of consumers haven’t listened to their AM/FM radio at home for more than a year. It also found that consumers are listening to audio content across a multitude of devices, from smartphones to tablets to Smart TVs. 50 per cent of respondents said they listen to online audio content from smartphones more than via other channels. Only 13 per cent said they pay for their online audio streaming services.”

4/26/2015 - Reuters’ Video News Service Streams Live Online with Mirror Image – Digital Media World
“Multimedia news provider Reuters launched their Reuters Live Online services in 2014 for digital publishers after noting changes in how newspaper and publishing editorial teams work. In the past, journalists working for Reuters wrote their stories for publications’ print edition and then uploaded them online later, but now they more frequently take an online‐first approach, initially publishing material online and printing afterwards – in short, following a continuous, 24hr news cycle.”

3/17/2015 – Mirror Image and AuriQ Systems to Ease Mobile Data Collection – CIO Review
“Mirror Image, a provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions has partnered with AuriQ Systems, a provider of Web Analytics and Transaction Monitoring Solutions to enable companies to use enhanced online data collection and reporting facilities in their applications. The agreement allows Mirror Image’s ready-built, data-collection application suite, PixTracker to integrate with AuriQ’s high performance log data processing engine, Essentia. The integration therefore helps companies to incorporate real time capabilities that include data collection, universal ad tag processing, cookie manipulation, and dynamic redirect URL processing into their technology offerings.”

11/12/2014 – It’s All Just Bits and Bytes, Unless the Data is Comprehensive and Meaningful – Mobile Marketing Watch
“Data. It’s what every marketer needs, but how can he judge what he’s getting? In an interview with a BizReport writer, Martin Hayward, Director of Marketing at Mirror Image, shed some light.”

11/10/2014 – How to turn data into intelligence – BizReport
“Until recently, consumer profiles that marketers target have been limited because data wasn’t being synched globally, or not all the data was being captured. The more data that ad tech professionals can gather, the better and more sophisticated the targeting algorithms will be. And the more sophisticated the application data can be, the more specific the ad can get to particular users, driving more value for advertisers.”

11/7/2014 - Expert: Demographics are evolving, so should brands –  BizReport
“Recently Nielsen released a report underlining the fact that Boomers are watching more digital video content than any other demographic. This flies in the face of other studies and experts who insisted Millennials were watching more online video. One expert says the change is actually an evolution in content consumption.”

11/5/2014 - Fun for All Ages: Exploring the Demographics of Digital Video – 1to1 Media
“Though new technologies often attract millennials, marketers frequently fail to recognize that, in today’s hyper-connected world, such advancements are no longer reserved for the young. Digital video, for instance, has taken on new life, as older generations have come to enjoy the inherent convenience just as much as their younger counterparts. However, in many cases, marketers have yet to acknowledge said developments, thereby robbing themselves of the opportunity to engage all relevant audiences appropriately and simultaneously.”

10/6/2014 – List of 100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2014 – StreamingMedia.com
“For the second consecutive year, Mirror Image makes the 2014 list of the 100 companies doing the most interesting and innovative work in streaming video. Now in its fourth year, the list has become a benchmark for the industry.”

10/5/2014 – Mirror Image: View from the Top – StreamingMedia.com
“As a global, Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN), Mirror Image is driving change in the CDN industry, “said Robert P. Andrews, COO at Mirror Image. “Take, for example, our evolution into what industry analysts are dubbing a “hybrid CDN,” whereby we offer traditional caching and streaming services in addition to entirely new, cloud-based solutions built from the ground up that address the needs of the advertising industry.”

8/4/2014 - Artificially Intelligent CDN Edge POP – Bizety
“Recently, CDNs have been developing more intelligence into their POP architecture, giving customers the ability to “push their application logic to the edge”, where the application processes data. Mirror Image has gone a step further, introducing the CDN Edge Compute-as-a-service, where they have developed, and deployed the NoSQL couchbase database to all of their edge locations, where each POP acts like mini-data warehouse, ingesting data, analyzing it, processing it, in order to provide real time data to customers for real time decision making.”

07/20/2014 - Welcome To The New Mirror Image, CDN Edge Compute-As-A-Service – Bizety
“Recently, I had conversation with the Mirror Image executive team, and we discussed the CDN state of the union, starting from the feature set, to the vision, value proposition and key differentiators. To be honest, I dismissed Mirror Image as a CDN many years ago, so I was pleasantly surprised by the end of our conversation.”

01/31/2014 - Super Bowl vs. The Olympics: Tips for Digital Marketers –  EContent
“Sporting events are one of the television events that networks and advertisers can still count on Americans to watch live. According to a Burst Media survey 54.2% of men will watch the Super Bowl as will 42.3% of women. Most of those viewers (79.7%) will watch the game live. Just 7.4% overall will watch it recorded-however more than one-quarter (27.0%) of 18-34 year-old men will watch it recorded. But in 2014, the Super Bowl isn’t the only sporting event. The Winter Olympics are approaching fast. These are two seemingly very different events with potentially huge audiences-and digital marketers may need to adjust their approaches accordingly.”

01/28/2014 - Super Bowl XLVIII: Lessons Learned From Last Year’s Coca-Cola Fail – Adotas
“Last year, experts warned brands planning to advertise in the Super Bowl that they need to be prepared for traffic spikes to their websites, especially after airing interactive ads. Unfortunately, Coca Cola did not heed the advice, which created frustration with a mobile website that simply would not load for hours.”

12/19/2013 – The Demise of the Traditional CDN – IP&TV News
“Verizon’s recent acquisition of EdgeCast has shined a spotlight on content delivery networks (CDNs). Digital services, such as online and mobile video, streaming media and mobile advertising, are eating up companies bandwidths so fast that even tech giants like Verizon need help meeting the ever-increasing consumption of digital media. But are traditional CDN services enough to keep up with the growing demand of today’s companies?”

12/12/2013 – Mirror Image: An Old Dog Learns Some New Tricks – StreamingMedia.com
“People come to the Streaming Media conferences to learn what’s new in the world of online video. Sometimes, they find an established company adopting a new direction. At the recent Streaming Media West conference, Mirror Image showed that it that it has transitioned from CDN (content delivery network) to DDN (dynamic delivery network. Charles White, Mirror Image’s chief revenue officer, explained what that means.”

12/11/2013 – Content and broadband providers put the squeeze on CDNs – FierceOnlineVideo.com
“Verizon (NYSE: VZ) is buying EdgeCast, having apparently decided it needs its own global content delivery network (CDN). What’s the significance for online video? I don’t claim to be an expert in the CDN business, but it’s not hard to spot one industry trend.”

11/14/2013 - Guest Post: How the mobile device landscape impacts mobile advertising effectiveness – GoMo News
“Back in September [2013], Apple fans rushed to get their hands on the new iPhone 5s and 5c. The availability of these new Apple smartphones and the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Curve should give mobile advertisers and mobile app developers reason enough to pause. After all, the introduction of new devices can create new challenges concerning how brands work with mobile ads. Brands may need to rework their content and ad delivery strategies to ensure they are compatible with, and fully exploit, the new device features and capabilities.”

11/11/2013 – Expert: Why mobile brands need RTB options - BizReport.com
“While Real Time Bidding (RTB) for advertisers is still in the early stages, it is evolving rapidly. According to one expert, RTB’s advantages are key to improving not only online but mobile campaign performance.”

10/21/2013 – How HuffPost Live Is Changing the Social Video Model – eContent
“In August of 1981, a fledgling cable TV channel launched that forever changed music, television, advertising, marketing, and pop culture. The format was pretty simple: play popular videos around the clock that are introduced and commented on by live hosts and fill around the edges with original programming. Now, 32 years after MTV’s arrival, the focus is on social, not music videos, and another revolution is underway that may completely redefine how we think about, consume, and interact with live and prerecorded visual content-courtesy of HuffPost Live (HPL).”

10/8/2013 – Mirror Image Shares its Reflections about Online Video – CDN-Advisor.com
“Recently we at CDN-Advisor were able to touch-base with Martin Hayward, Director of Marketing, Mirror Image Internet, and he provided us with some valuable insights about the present and future of the online video and also what Mirror Image is doing to innovate and make the most of these new technological advancements.”

10/3/2013 - Mirror Image: View from the Top 2013 – StreamingMedia.com
“The Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry has a legacy of offering fast, reliable delivery of digital content to computers connected to the Internet. Such delivery dramatically improved the web experience for content consumers and, as a result, helped to increase users’ interest in online shopping, browsing for information and the use of “cloud” based applications. This was the primary goal of CDNs and most did the job very well. Content delivery capabilities expanded to include video streaming to web-connected computers and, if everything was properly configured from the video origin to the user’s video player, the result was quite good.”

10/3/2013 - The Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2013 – StreamingMedia.com
“Presenting our annual list of the companies that matter most in online video. In the fiercely competitive streaming media space, these companies are doing jaw-dropping work today and leading us into tomorrow.”

9/25/2013 - iBeacons, Device Targeting, and Big Data Will Play Important Roles in Hyperlocal Targeting – iMedia Connection
“The big news in mobile technology this week is availability of Apple’s iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad users on Sept. 18. What marketers need to know is that Apple has a very high software upgrade rate for its mobile devices. In fact, Apple recently boasted a 93 percent adoption rate of iOS 6 for iPhone, and 83 percent for iPad. These impressive numbers blow the adoption rates for Android software updates out of the water. If previous software update rates are any indication, marketers need to move swiftly to take advantage of new features in iOS 7, especially as they finalize campaigns for the upcoming holiday rush.”

9/12/2013 – Online Video Advertising: Tips for More Effective Targeting Measurement – Adotas
“Online video advertising is rising at an unprecedented rate, and not just because services like Hulu and Netflix are enabling streaming entertainment online. Video advertising is taking off because brand managers are realizing the positive impact that video can have on their ability to attract and engage with consumers, and lead them through the purchase cycle.”

8/9/2013 – Engaging Your Audience with Video - CRM Magazine
“Online video streaming is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially on mobile devices. YouTube’s mobile ad sales tripled in six months. Instagram, the number-one photo-sharing app, recently integrated video to compete with popular video sites such as YouTube and Vine. Organizations from all types of industries are realizing the power of video. Advertisers leverage video to better engage consumers with brands, and sports broadcasters rely on it to appeal to a wider fan base.”

6/19/2013 – Streaming Forum: Is CDN Just a Marketing Term? - StreamingMedia.com
“A discussion with CDN.net, Deutsche Telekom, Jet-Stream, Limelight, and Mirror Image reveals shifts in how CDNs see themselves and their customers.”

6/17/2013 – Reaction: The NSA’s Impact On Digital Advertising - AdExchanger
“As the fallout from the news that that the National Security Agency has amassed a vast collection of phone and Internet activity records continues, AdExchanger asked several marketing and privacy experts for their thoughts on the impact that the NSA’s data collection program may have on perceptions of consumer data used for advertising purposes.”

5/28/2013 – Why you shouldn’t resist programmatic buying – iMedia Connection
“The 1990s and 2000s have come and gone. With those decades, so too should go old-school internet advertising. The growth of new technologies and channels are bringing advertisers a wealth of information about customers and new, highly effective ways to reach them.”

04/09/2013 – Mirror Image Announces Availability of Audio Streaming Solution for Broadcasters – eContent
“Mirror Image, a Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) that enables global organizations to deliver content intelligently with customized targeting logic, announced the availability of its new Audio Streaming Solution. The service allows companies to broadcast high quality live audio streams anywhere in the world.”

04/08/2013 – Mirror Image Productizes its New Audio Streaming Solution – CDN Advisor
“Yesterday (on April 8, 2013), Mirror Image Internet, one of the leading providers of Content Delivery Networks and media streaming solutions, announced the general availability of its new Audio Streaming solution that would allow broadcasters to stream high quality audio streams for their audiences around the globe.”

04/05/2013 – An Interview with Charles White: The Evolution of the Content Delivery Network – eContent
“Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have long been quietly working behind the scenes to make sure content producers can get their products to consumers. But just like everyone else in the content business, CDNs are facing changes. EContent talked to Charles White, chief revenue officer for Mirror Image about the changes facing his industry.”

01/31/2013 – Extending the Impact of Super Bowl Ads – 1to1 Media
“With just a few days to go before Sunday’s much anticipated Super Bowl, it’s not just football fans that are eagerly waiting for the game. Marketers are also keen to watch the new advertisements that will take center-stage during the annual event.”

01/30/2013 – Technology Drives Super Bowl XLVII Advertising Trends – ADOTAS
“Spoiler alert: Digital media has drastically changed how companies take advantage of media events to promote their brands through advertising. (That is, spoiler alert if you’ve been living under a digital rock for the past five or so years!) As two teams gear up for the final showdown of the NFL season – Super Bowl XLVII – fans across the country are making predictions about their teams and pulling out their favorite chip-and-dip combos to watch the final game with much anticipation and enthusiasm. With such a captive audience, advertising strategies from past sporting events offer precedent for many digital events to come, both for their successes and failures (such as the NBC Olympics delays). Today’s consumers want to engage with brands beyond traditional advertising, and companies realize this growing trend and hope to connect with their customers on a variety of device types and through various channels. Last year, a surprising 24.5 percent of brands that advertised surprisingly did not drive any digital channels – no URLs, hashtags, QR Codes, just the brand name. This year, we expect that number to be much lower.”

01/25/2013 – Help Brands Score This Super Bowl: Five Trends – MediaPost
“In the midst of the NFL playoffs, we’re seeing brands take advantage of top ad spots and pro-athlete action as teams gear up for the final showdown of the season — Super Bowl XLVII. Fans across the country are making predictions about their teams and pulling out their favorite chip-and-dip combos to watch the final games with much anticipation and enthusiasm.”

01/23/2013 – Online video a must-have for these four businesses – ComputerWorld
“The falling price of bandwidth and rising consumer demand has motivated a variety of organizations — from retailers to music publishers and credit unions — to add video to their websites.”

01/07/2013 – The Customer Experience Crystal Ball: Predictions for 2013 -1to1 Media
“Now that the holiday decorations have been put away, the champagne has been drained, and New Year celebrations given way to somewhat dreary January days, customer experience experts look into their crystal ball and tell us what to expect from 2013.”

01/02/2013 – Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 – ADOTAS
“Advertisers implement technology that powers Big Data collection to deliver highly targeted ads based on location, device and interests.”

01/02/2013 – What your mobile device says about you – iMedia Connection
“How many times have you been plugging away on your smartphone, being productive on the go (or playing “Words With Friends”), when an ad completely interrupts you? To make matters worse, not only is the ad interruptive, it’s irrelevant. Research tells us that smartphone users are actually less likely to click on a mobile ad than tablet users. Somewhere along the marketing pipeline, someone didn’t do his/her homework.”

12/11/2012 – Marketing 2013: No Room for Mad Men – IDG Connect
“Marketers have been trying to understand consumer behavior and motivations since the dawn of advertising and propaganda.  Technology – from the earliest form of radio broadcasts and then TV – has had a deep impact on how marketing campaigns are strategized and executed.  Today’s marketers have resources at their fingertips to get deep consumer insights based on their online and mobile behavior – capabilities that Don Draper and his team would do anything to get their hands on.”

10/31/2012 - Mirror Image Internet Announces Commercial Availability of Publisher – The Next Generation Online Video Platform – StreamingMedia.com
“Mirror Image Internet, a leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions, today announced the availability of Publisher, a powerful and comprehensive online video publishing solution. The service is an all-inclusive video solution that combines the best live video streaming services with the best video on demand features available today.”

10/30/2012 - Mirror Image Internet Announces Online Video Platform – eContent
“Mirror Image Internet announced the availability of Publisher, a powerful online video publishing solution. The service is an all-inclusive video solution that combines live video streaming services with video on demand features available today.”

10/30/2012 - Mirror Image Internet Announced Commercial Availability of Publisher – CDN-Advisor
“This Tuesday (on October 30, 2012), Mirror Image Internet, one of the leading providers of edge computing, content delivery network solutions and streaming media services, announced the commercial availability of Publisher, it comprehensive online video publishing solution for delivering live and on-demand audio and video.”

10/22/2012 - Big Data Chases Election 2012 Undecided Voters – InformationWeek
“Political campaigns are turning to big data to help them reach potential supporters, and candidates are using online advertising agencies that apply advanced analytics to reach undecided voters. One such agency is Resonate, a Reston, Va.-based firm that’s working with both Democrats and Republicans on the 2012 presidential campaign, according to company CEO Bryan Gernert.”

10/8/2012 - Big Data Politics: Why You Can’t Outrun Campaigns by avoiding the TV – GigaOM
“Campaigns have been profiling potential voters for decades, but the glut of data available online changed the game in terms of how much they collect and how it’s used. Now, thanks to complex models and real-time ad platforms, poltiical advertising is becoming a personal affair.”

10/4/2012 - Mobile Devices And Advertising Intelligence: 4 Key Benchmarks – ADOTAS
“Advertisers have relied on demographics since the profession began – just watch any episode of the “Mad Men” TV series and hear about what ads certain demographics are likely to respond to. Today, however, we’re in the 21st century, and consumers are demanding relevancy. Advertisers need to respond by intelligently deploying ads to the right audiences, which means a whole new set of demographics based on the technology that’s rocked the advertising industry more than anything in recent history: mobile devices.”

9/28/2012 - Mirror Image: “With a market changing so rapidly, agility becomes a huge factor” – IPTV News
“The saturation of mobile devices hitting the market continues to be a big driver in the industry. A few years ago, the lifecycle of a mobile device was 18 months. Now that number is closer to six months. With a market changing so rapidly, agility becomes a huge factor.”

9/4/2012 – Mirror Image Internet Announces Migration Program for Cotendo Cloudlet Customers – MarketWatch.com
“”Mirror Image Internet, a leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions, today announced a new program to provide Cotendo Cloudlet customers with an easy migration path to future-proof their real-time applications that execute “on the edge.”

8/29/2012 – Six Advertising Lessons from the Digital Olympics – Business2Community
“…2012 saw its first truly digital Olympics and all the digital channels played well in the sandbox – social, mobile and online streaming. As advertisers continue to leverage digital channels for major media events, particularly sports media, what can advertisers learn from the 2012 Olympics?”

7/27/2012 – Olympics to Test Mobile’s Mettle  – SmartMoney.com
“Could the Summer Olympics prompt a run on smartphones and iPads? It may sound like a stretch, but tech-industry insiders are saying that this year’s games, which are expected to draw billions of viewers, could boost mobile video’s status as the most important source for news, entertainment and, yes, sports since the advent of network and cable broadcasting. That’s because of the unprecedented commitment by a number of media outlets to cover and carry the London showcase in a format tailor-made for all manner of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

7/23/2012 – 5 Mobile Marketing Best Practices for the Olympics – 1to1 Media
“The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver represented early days for streaming video and mobile. In fact, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad only a couple weeks prior to the start of the 2010 Games. A lot has changed since then.

7/10/2012 – Showrooming – A Marketers’ Friend or Foe? – Business2Community
“The showrooming concept is nothing new. Ever since the arrival of smartphones, showrooming has played a role in helping consumers find the best deals. The idea is simple –consumers frequent stores to demo products they would like to buy, and then use their smartphones to research where they can get the best deal. Makes sense if you’re a consumer, right? Why wouldn’t you want to find the lowest price possible? From a marketer’s standpoint, however, it creates more of a challenge. Or at least it used to.”

7/3/2012 – Mirror Image Internet, Charles White – Boston.com
“Charles White has been hired as chief revenue officer at Mirror Image Internet, an online content delivery network in Tewksbury.”

7/3/2012 – Mirror Image Internet; Charles White – MediaPost
“Mirror Image Internet named Charles White as chief revenue officer.”

6/28/2012 – Why (and how) retailers should embrace ‘showrooming’ – SmartPlanet.com
“Other technology companies are explicitly positioning their technologies as a way to help retailers embrace and benefit from the usage of mobile technologies in the store. For example, Mirror Image Internet is using geolocation to help retailers get smarter with mobile advertising, allowing them to serve up coupons for items that customers might be near in an aisle, said Martin Hayward, director of marketing. ”We can help our customers serve up content to people while they are at the store or even while they are at home to get them into the store,” Hayward said.”

6/26/2012 – Challenges and Opportunities for CDNs – Broadband Business News
“In a wide ranging presentation on the CDN (Content Delivery Network) model for service providers, Naef said that the global CDN market will be worth $2.6 billion (€2.08 billion ) in 2012, compared to only $400 million in 2006.”

6/18/2012 – How to make the most of showrooming Part 2 – BizReport.com
“A new trend in retail – customers coming into a store, looking at a product and then leaving to buy online – is causing some retailers additional stress in this stingy economy. Called showrooming, many are looking for ways to stop customers from the practice, but two experts say showrooming can be turned to the retailer’s best interests.”

6/15/2012 – How to combat showrooming in your store Part 1 – BizReport.com
“There is a new trend in retail: shoppers coming into stores, researching products and then leaving to make a purchase online. While this practice isn’t a great thing for retailers, there are ways to engage those consumers in-store and combat the trend.”

6/14/2012 – Smartphone Marketing: 4 Predictive Targeting Tips Give Marketers More Predictive ROI – Target Marketing
“Last month, smartphones passed the number of feature phones on the market, with the worldwide smartphone market growth at 42.5 percent year over year in Q1 2012.Opens in a new window. The capabilities of smart mobile devices enable marketers to more efficiently reach relevant audiences with the highest purchase intent. And now, marketers have a new set of demographics to throw into to the mix—device demographics—which adds a crucial layer to traditional targeting based on demographic profiles and assumptions based on previous purchase behavior alone.”

5/31/2012 – How to leverage mobile to combat showrooming – Mobile Marketer
“While the growth in smartphone penetration has made it easier for shoppers to compare prices among competing retailers while in-store, mobile devices can also offer a solution for merchants looking to combat showrooming and make sure they close the sale.”

5/14/2012 – 4 Things Your Mobile Tells Marketers About You – Mashable
“Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know smartphones are penetrating the market at a rapid pace. As with any category that experiences rapid growth, questions arise equally as fast regarding market intelligence, and how it can help achieve tangible business results.”

5/4/2012 – Haivision, Wowza, Mirror Image, Cisco Offer Multi-Screen Advice – StreamingMedia.com
“Streaming video to smartphones and set-top boxes is an essential nowadays, but doing so successfully has many companies in the dark. To help them out and offer best practices, representatives from Haivision, Wowza, Mirror Image Internet, and Cicso Systems took part in a webinar yesterday hosted on StreamingMedia.com.”

3/16/2012 – Mobile second-screen experiences will be star player in March Madness marketing – Mobile Marketer
Mobile marketing is beginning to play a bigger role in major sports events such as this year’s Super Bowl, where brands such as Pepsi and Bud Light had well-executed mobile campaigns. Many brands offered second-screen experiences and engaged football fans who had their mobile devices on-hand during the game, a strategy that is likely to be repeated for the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness.”

3/14/2012 – Get Mad This March: But Not At The Live Coverage – Business2Community
“You’re the self-proclaimed biggest Duke fan and March Madness is in full swing. It’s overtime in the qualifying game for the Final Four and you’re traveling so you’ve tuned in online. The final shot is taken at the buzzer and – oh no – the online network you’re watching can’t handle the traffic and the video needs to buffer.”

3/12/2012 – March Madness: Another chance for brands to personalize content – BizReport
“This year the March Madness tournament – or at least the advertising – may be all about personalization. Here’s how to take advantage.”

2/21/2012 – Mirror Image Solution Combines Multiscreen Live and On-Demand Video, Targeting, Authorization – Interactive TV Today
“Mirror Image Internet has unveiled a solution that it says combines streaming and edge-computing capabilities in order to dynamically create and stream highly targeted content and playlists, and enforce custom rules-based policy for live and on-demand video. “The Targeting and Authorization Suite for Live and On-Demand Video is the industry’s only solution that can stream live and on-demand video to any device, including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and set-top boxes via any protocol including: RTSP, RTMP, RTP/UDP, Apple HLS, IIS Smooth Streaming and Adobe HS,” the company states in its press materials.”

2/16/2012 – Mirror Image Internet Combines Key Video Streaming and Edge Computing Capabilities for Targeting and Authorizing Live and On-Demand Video – AV Systems Magazine
“Mirror Image® Internet, a leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions powered by a patented global network, today announced a new service that combines streaming and edge computing capabilities to dynamically create and stream highly-targeted content and playlists, and enforce custom rules-based policy for live and on-demand video.”

2/15/2012 – Making the Most of Today’s Connected World – GoMo News
“A major shift is occurring in the way consumers view content. No longer are we limited to watching our favorite shows or actors on the big screen or on our living room couches. Instead, we’re watching it from our laptops and desktops in any room we choose, or on the train, in the car or at the park via our mobile devices.”

2/14/2012 – Mirror Image Internet Unveils a “Serve All-Devices and All-Protocols” Solution – CDN-Advisor.com
“This Tuesday (on February 14, 2012), Mirror Image Internet, one of the leading providers of edge computing, content delivery networks and content streaming solutions, announced that launch of its new service named Targeting and Authorization Suite for Live and On-Demand Video.”

2/14/2012 – Mirror Image Internet Combines Key Video Streaming and Edge Computing Capabilities for Targeting and Authorizing Live and On-Demand Video – Yahoo! Finance
“Mirror Image® Internet, a leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions powered by a patented global network, today announced a new service that combines streaming and edge computing capabilities to dynamically create and stream highly-targeted content and playlists, and enforce custom rules-based policy for live and on-demand video.”

2/7/2012 – Verizon, Redbox partnership will broaden market for mobile video – Mobile Marketer
“People are making the move to video streaming and they are watching it on their mobile devices,” said Martin Hayward, director of marketing for Mirror Image Internet, Tewksbury, MA. “Especially on mass transit, it is a convenient way to watch mobile content while they are on the go.”

2/2/2012 – More Mobile-Friendly Ads for Super Bowl Sunday – 1to1 Media
“Madonna’s Super Bowl half-time show won’t be the only attention grabber this Sunday. Mobile ads and location-based services will play an important role in this year’s Super Bowl as companies include them in their marketing strategy in a bid to reach more customers and transform a moving image into a sale.”

2/1/2012 – This Year’s Super Bowl MVP? Mobile Ads – 5 Trends We’ll See This Sunday – Business2Community
“Whether you’re rooting for Patriots or Giants this Sunday, we’re all rooting for one thing together – great commercials. This year marks a game-changer for advertisers, though, as we’ll anxiously await for final statistics of how many people tuned in online to NFL.com’s live-stream from their desktops and mobile devices.”

1/17/2012 – How to deliver one message to multiple platforms – Mobile Marketer (page 37)
“New mobile devices hit the market rapidly over the past year, with more than 120 smartphones launched from April 2010 to March 2011 alone.”

1/9/2012 – Mobile during Super Bowl XLVI: Benched or in the game? – Mobile Marketer
“Will users who have access to a television tune into the Super Bowl with a mobile device? Probably not. However, anyone traveling by train, bus or car, who does not have access to a TV during the game may tune in,” said Martin Hayward, director of marketing, Mirror Image Internet, Boston.”

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