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Network and Patents


Mirror Image is one of the original Content Delivery Network providers in the marketplace. Since 1997, Mirror Image has been providing services that allow companies to deliver their online content to viewers worldwide. The Mirror Image Dynamic Delivery Network consists of a worldwide network of Content Access Point (CAP) facilities that offload customers’ origin servers and locate content close to the user, ensuring optimal website performance. With comprehensive capabilities and an easy-to-use Web-based management tool, Mirror Image solutions enable companies to easily publish, manage, deliver and analyze their object delivery and streaming media activities. Mirror image provides integrated content distribution for content caching and file downloads, Edge Computing capabilities, a complete Online Video Platform, and streaming solutions for delivering video (live and video on-demand) to desktops, mobile devices and IPTV set-top boxes.


With a global network platform and innovative solutions for Content Delivery, Streaming Media, Web Computing and Reporting, Mirror Image holds the following patents:

  • Internet Communication System: U.S. patents 6,581,090 and 7,739,400
  • Web Serving System: U.S. patents 5,991,809, 6,370,580, 6,480,893, 6,915,329, and 8,019,869
  • Distributed Selection of a Content Server: U.S. patent 7,587,500