Leading Provider of Highly Scalable Online Services

Company Overview

Mirror Image® Internet, Inc. provides highly scalable online services for companies worldwide. Mirror Image combines a patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network with real-time, ultra low latency services that include customizable application logic, online video publishing, streaming solutions for delivering live video and video on-demand, content delivery capabilities for content caching and file downloads, and optimized delivery to an extensive range of desktops, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes and other devices.

Since 1997, Mirror Image has been providing services that allow companies to deliver their online content to viewers anywhere in the world. The Mirror Image global Dynamic Delivery Network consists of Content Access Point (CAP) facilities that offload customers’ origin servers and locate the content close to the user, ensuring optimal website performance. Mirror Image is headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA with a subsidiary in London, UK. For more information, please call +1 800 353 2923 or +1-781-376-1100 from outside the United States.