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How Dynamic Delivery is Replacing the Traditional CDN

Who had even heard of Big Data five years ago? How about two years ago? What is this phenomenon that has started to inform and invade our lives and when did it start and where will it go?

These are some of the questions Chris Frampton, Regional Director, Content Delivery Solutions at Mirror Image will be discussing next week at the 3rd Annual CDN World Forum in Olympia, UK, as part of our session, “Dynamic Delivery Replacing the Traditional, Rigid CDN.” As part of the conversation, we’ll be looking into the prolific rise in demand, not only for information, but also for the available sources of information and the increase in types of data that exist.

CDN World Forum LogoMore importantly, we’ll be demonstrating how these massive data sets can be used intelligently and positively to achieve a specific goal. We’ll be bringing this all to light with a great case study by Mirror Image Customer, Resonate.  In particular, we will examine how Resonate used data to pinpoint target voters and retail consumers during the 2012 Presidential Election by leveraging advanced custom logic executed at the edge rather than at the core.  For some background, check out this article on GigaOM, Big data politics: Why you can’t outrun campaigns by avoiding the TV, featuring our own Joe Lichtenberg.

This ability to react in real time to responses and requests from consumers – and then deliver a tailored, targeted response – is a function of the next generation of CDN where content is an executable payload designed to dynamically deliver relevant responses. This new Dynamic Delivery Network, or DDN, concept is shaping the demands of data researchers, advertisers, and solutions providers.

The challenge today is to enlighten all businesses, particularly those that rely on their online presence, that they can quickly and easily take advantage of these capabilities without having to spend months developing their own databases and database server farms. With the Edge Computing Framework, Mirror Image can take the load and complexity out and deliver a solution in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

If you’ll be attending the CDN World Forum and would like to meet up, DM me at @MirrorImage_DDN!