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As Streaming Content is on the Rise, So Are Our Dynamic Delivery Services

At the recent Streaming Media East conference, we heard a lot of compelling statistics, stories and case studies about the rise of online video, streaming TV services and second-screen/social TV. Advanced capabilities of online video have made it much more captivating, with consumers able to view video content anywhere and from any device. Mainstream broadcasters, advertisers, sports media networks –companies from almost any industry – are moving to this type of content engagement. It’s also the reason that Mirror Image attended Streaming Media East this past May, showcasing our VOD and live-streaming capabilities.

In fact, I’ve been attending Streaming Media conferences since I joined the Mirror Image team in 2005. A lot has changed since then – not just the technology, but the audience, too, is more sophisticated about the technology, as online video has become much more mainstream. There is no longer a need to explain why streaming services are important to a business’s bottom line. Instead, the conference focuses on innovation in online video services, reaching your target audience and managing online analytics. Streaming video is much more affordable today, and at the same time, the quality of those streams is far superior today to what it was even a year ago. We have the most affordable and high-quality streams, but organizations also need to reach the right audiences and deliver those streams uninterrupted to any type of device.

Of equal value to today’s stream services is the ability to analyze audience traffic live on the web. At Streaming Media East we were excited to announce ClearVue Control Center 2.0, our updated streaming analytics tool that gives resellers and their customers complete control and visibility into streaming applications. A robust view of reporting metrics and audience data gives organizations the insights they need to manage their streaming applications and adjust services in real-time.

Mirror Image's Video Workflow Display at Streaming Media East 2013If you were at Streaming Media East, we hope you got a chance to stop by our booth and check out our Video Workflow Display tower to see how live-streaming and VOD services can be seamlessly delivered to multiple devices. Cisco has reported that the online video industry will reach $28.72 billion by 2017, and today, 28 percent of smartphone owners watch videos on their phones in an average month. Companies across industries are planning their online content strategies and learning to leverage the power of video across multiple devices. In a crowded marketplace where delivering static content is all too common (not to mention boring to consumers), we’re committed to engaging audiences with dynamic content delivery that reaches the right audiences, regardless of location or device.